White Lotus Ryu

The Gentle Touch


The Spirit Within

With your body feel the totality of physicalness
The form of the bones, the sinews, the muscles.
With your mind see the flow of Ki
Experience the wonder of the living spirit within.
Nurture it.

Welcome to Edinburgh's Japanese based massage specialist which is unfortunately no longer in business.

Within these pages you will find information that will help you understand the philosophies, massages and techniques used at the school.

An art as old and as cross cultural as massage has bred many techniques and approaches. Often the same technique is practiced quite differently by different therapists.  The techniques and approaches used at White Lotus Ryu are based on the following philosophies:

  • In and Yo (Ying and Yang in Chinese).
  • The five universal elements of Chi (Earth), Sui (Water), Ka (fire), Fu (Air), Ku (Void).
  • Ki.  The life energy which flows through all things.
  • Basic Japanese Mikkyo Tantric Buddhist teachings and practices. 
  • The human touch.

Through the use of these philosophies it is hoped that we can all bring our lives back into harmony and balance and gain an enlightened understanding of ourselves, of nature and the universe.

There is no substitute for the human touch